Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A load of other health stuff!

Hi y'all. Well I went to see my doc yesterday and started on the HRT. It's quite a low dose. I've also got some wild yam cream (natural progesterone, I think?) and am taking soyagen in capsules, a phytoestrogen. That's the science bit.

Hot flushing and sweating has definitely eased off in the last week. Energy levels today were actually really good! Great to have a let-up, it's very morale-building. Have been applying for various voluntary positions. Also need to finish working on my updated CV.

As for the Sodium Valproate, I am down to 700mg now after my wobble (crisis of confidence) when I went back to 1000mg. To be honest I am now inclined to put most of my symptoms down to hormonal causes. I'm in menopause, ergo... But I still will be going slowly and carefully from now on as I reduce the dose.

I've started practising yoga first thing in the morning. I'm really getting into it! Next will be the meditation...I have bought a beautiful folding meditation stool which helps me sit comfortably. Life is getting its taste back...

That's all for now. Love, Zoe.

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