Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogging at work.

Grabbing some spare time on a quiet afternoon at work to check in here. Had a great weekend...contact with my son went really well, despite the yucky, wintry weather. He was on such good form. I haven't seen him so well and balanced since I don't know. He wanted to go to a wildlife park so we did. He took a ton of pics with the digital camera I bought him for Christmas. He is a dab hand with it and apparently has been using it a lot, so that was a success. The big cats, as always, were the stars of the show...some 'white' lions, a 'white' tiger (and a massive ordinary tiger) and...a pair of snow leopards, they are so special.

Mum and Richard both came too. After we dropped him back off with Jo we drove back to London and went out for a splendiferous meal at Jai Krishna's, one of our favourite veggie Indians. After wandering about in the cold and wet all afternoon we had worked up an appetite.

Mum and Richard both went home about mid-afternoon on Sunday. My mood promptly took a bit of a dive, and stayed low for the duration of Monday, which I spent working at the library. Aargh! I am beginning to feel that working in a public library is not for me. In the afternoon I was put upstairs on the Junior section. It's more like an after-school club than anything else, and I felt like a spare part most of the time because I still don't know how to do the many, many little procedures I have to learn. Well, it's only my third day but I'm starting to wonder how anyone learns this stuff. And whether this is going to really be for me.

So here I am at my other job, not that busy but nevertheless grateful that it is a whole lot easier on my nerves than the library. Had an early night last night, feeling utterly exhausted and managed to get up early for yoga and meditation, which did me good. Still have yet to really carry out that resolution I made about visiting and commenting on more blogs and raising my blog profile. When I'm low and tired as I was last night I don't tend to go on the 'puter.

Ah well, another day another dollar, and now I have two days off. Though it's going to be a busy week. Am starting CBT seminars tomorrow, and then there's the Emilia project on Thursday. Somehow have to fit in Learn Direct and the gym. Take care all.

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Gianna said...

I don't think I'd have a presence on the web at all if I had two jobs...

be well Zoe.