Friday, April 18, 2008

Changing my name!

Well actually, I want to change my blog name. On the road back is not only boring, dull, unoriginal and uninspired, it's already been done! By someone on a blooming weight loss program! I probably shouldn't say this here, but, well, her whole blog consists of what she has and hasn't eaten! After reading that I went even more off my blog title than I was before. Something must be done!

So I had a little solo brainstorming session and haven't come up with the perfect name yet, surprise surprise! 'Am I still ill', after the celebrated Smiths' song was a possible, but I thought it was a little on the negative side! Oh what's in a name...

Am blogging from work again. Ironically seems to be the only spare time I have to write this blog. After work I thought I would go to the Phoenix in East Finchley (wonderful independent cinema) to see the new Mike Leigh, 'Happy go lucky'. A nice blast of positive lightness just what the doctor ordered.

Actually I've had a good week. Despite things going pear-shaped yet again with Richard I feel happy, positive, reasonably stable. More confident. Definitely more confident. And in the Spring a middle-aged woman's thoughts turn to lerve, do they not? That's a young man? Now you're being both sexist and ageist...

The very words middle-aged do not factually describe a state, you will notice. Let's face it I can no longer call myself 'young' at 46...yet the words 'middle-aged' carry a baggage of secondary meanings, or should that just be 'a baggage'.

My best female friend has a new love in her life. It's early days but frankly, I want a piece of the action too! Got to pack up it's nearly home-time... All ideas for a blog title will be gratefully received and absolutely no prizes for the winner! Love you... Zoe

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