Friday, May 2, 2008

Hello dear peeps!

Although actually you are in disgrace and persona non grata with me because you haven't been commenting again. How very dare you as we say in England!

I have been admitted to psych ward in the intervening coupla weeks since we last spoke. Managed to do only a single solitary hellish week before getting sprung out of the goddamn place. Pretty good huh?

I live not just a charmed life but a pretty funky one and one that simply demands to be shared with you lot and the world in gerneral. You would not believe some of my adventures, fact is stranger than fiction and the biggest miracle of all is that I am sat here typing away at my blog after literally yesterday being banged up in a psych ward.

How are all my mythical readers anyway? Please let me know I am not typing all of this in vain. Have pity? Even a Smartphones blogger from Brazil is better than nothing and beggars can't be choosers.

Please my honeys. Email me if you know my email. I daren't give it out though. Love you... a recuperating, Zoe. xxx


Gianna said...

Dear Zoe,
What happened...are you okay...

You sound lonely. I wish I could help you.

take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Just popped in to say hi, really, and hope you're doing ok. The trip to the ward can't have been a lot of fun, but, like you say, you're out now, so I guess it's a question of onwards & upwards (altough of course it's a lot easier to type that than it is to do, of course).

I keep a list of blogs i like to visit often in my browser favourites, and I've added yours to it, so hopefully i should be popping in every now and again. I may not always comment tho - i'm rubbish at commenting.


Mark p.s. said...

Glad you are back.