Sunday, January 6, 2008

Seem to be stabilising...

...At least I hope so. I am maybe a little melancholy the last few days, a very pale, washed-out shade of blue. New Year blues maybe...the party season is over, now we've got to knuckle down to work, etc without the pretty lights and hyped-up goodwill! Reality bites! Usually I just heave one big sigh of relief when it's all over to be honest, but this year was mood went a bit high just as the collective one was becoming manically festive, I actually felt really Christmassy! Then Richard and I got back together just in time for Christmas...that was really nice. He was with me all this weekend, and was very sweet and attentive. We went for a long walk yesterday, all the way to Highgate Village via the woods.

Today we went to the farmers' market, then raked the leaves out of the front garden. I made spicy lentils with potatoes for lunch, then he went off home and I went to the gym. I'm glad the routine starts again this week. Holidays are OK but at times I was slightly at a loose end.

I'm slightly uninspired as to what to write, that's the mood...not sad enough to wax lyrical about it, just a little flat and depleted. I had been a bit worried that being med-free was going to prove unworkable. But I need to give it time. As I said before, this level of mood disturbance is more inconvenient and annoying than dangerous. I am menopausal too, that might account for some of it. Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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polarpaul said...

I got your email. Hopefully you'll be able to meditate on a regular basis so you can get more in touch with your body so you can counter act the mood swings sooner rather than being swept away by them.

Our libidos can definitely lead us along if we're not too careful. Hopefully you can enjoy yours in a healthy way.

I really hope you're able to avoid fighting with Richard as it really demeans both of you plus it's probably not so good for your throat either.