Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hi. I've been a remiss blogger... and been busy. Need to check in though. Moods have largely been settling down though there's still been some turbulence, but of a lesser degree than before. Energy levels have been pretty good most of the time though sometimes I get very tired by the evening. I wanted to go to the Buddhist Centre on Wednesday or Friday but just couldn't make it.

Am juggling a lot of different projects at the moment and sometimes I think maybe it's just too much. There's little or no space in my diary for unforeseen eventualities. Work on Tuesday and Thursday was quite enjoyable. On the Thursday I had to make a ton of phone calls to 'our' organisations to tell them about an event 'we' are holding the following week. There was another volunteer doing the same thing and it made it quite fun. All the more so because for me, picking up the phone is a little challenging at the best of times. Let alone to call about fifty strangers!

Have kept up with the rest of my routine...OA, yoga, meditation, the gym. Food has not been brilliant as I've noticed that since I began experiencing mood turbulence I also started to feel a little messy and uncontrolled around my eating. I used to have a real weakness for sweet things and thought giving up sugar would knock that on the head, but sweet things with xylitol or agave syrup in them seem to have a similar addictive effect and certainly don't taste much different. I'm going to have to cut down on desserts of any kind, even healthy sugar-free ones.

Richard is here and I'm off to cook dinner. Love, Zoe.

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