Sunday, January 20, 2008

Very happy.

Just had another lovely weekend with Richard. I guess things HAVE changed between us. I now realise that, though I sometimes didn't believe he was changing or interested in doing so, he actually is. Not necessarily in precise ways that I envisaged but I have conclusive proof that he DOES learn from his mistakes etc. We had a bad row in the week, and it could have been a virtual replay of what happened in the autumn when we broke up for two months, but we both reacted differently. That was very reassuring. And the fact that he showed his feelings for me... That was what I needed from him more than anything. Just to know he really cared and was prepared to go the extra mile for our relationship.

We've had some lovely happy times since we've been back together. Very close and loving. I'll just add the slight caveat that I am not sure how much my mood is influencing my perceptions. But it might be being back with Richard that has made me feel better.

Got a busy week to come...I supposedly start my voluntary work at MIND tomorrow. I haven't even started and am already thinking about putting it on hold, because of the other things I'm taking on...something called the Emilia Project which is really hard to explain, so I've added their website to my link list, as well as Expert Patients Program.

Oh and my Jasper called yesterday, so really what more could I ask for? He was fine, quite happy and chatty. Very sweet and affectionate. Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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