Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still swinging along...

Today I was a bit low. My mood swings are not out of control, not off the scale, but still capable of being bloody annoying! I cheered up in the evening after going out to the West End, to my Dual Recovery group and shopping...found some super-duper bargain boots in Clark's sale!

Jasper my son is apparently refusing to call me at the moment. I was expecting a call at the weekend... Maybe he wants to enjoy his holiday without having to fulfil his 'duties' or 'obligations'. To be honest, mostly that is how he sees it. He calls me because it is expected, not from spontaneous desire to talk to me. I can tell from the nature of our chats. I usually have to hold up more than half the conversation. Well, he's 12. I need to not awfulize the situation, jumping to the conclusion that this temporary situation will necessarily become permanent. The last time I talked to him, Monday 17th December, we had a nice chat and he was in a good mood. That's something.

Tomorrow I must get up and do my yoga, meditation and prayer, no questions asked. Love, Zoe.

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