Monday, December 17, 2007

Better today...

Was able to do my routine things. Am doing two IT classes in one day, like last week. Best of all was that Jasper phoned me in the morning. He was much more chipper, told me what he was going to be up to today, and explained what he would like for Christmas - he thinks - a digital camera.

My social worker came round in the afternoon to help me fill in my Disability Living Allowance form. It's a real headache! She was good, though, she's had plenty of practice with these things. We made some inroads into it, but had to make another time in the New Year to finish it.

It seems to be getting even colder than before. Rather wish I didn't have to go anywhere tonight, but at least the Spreadsheets are keeping me occupied. I'm very lucky to have a really nice IT teacher...she is one of those rare people in that field who is totally in the right job. She really cares about her students. And it must be pretty boring going over these basics time and time again, but she doesn't project boredom. She's an excellent teacher...she knows how to motivate a whole class of people. That's a gift you either have or you don't I think...

Anyway, need to eat now and then get to college. Take care all...Love, Zoe.

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