Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oops...had a moodswing!

Oh dear. I feel really awful now. Though as 'episodes' go it isn't much! I have managed to get some decent sleep. But today I cried off work...felt guilty about it but I thought I should take it easy, get some me time. Went to an OA meeting, and have another one tonight. Obsessing badly about Richard. But I don't regret writing that letter. Even though I was a bit hyper when I wrote it, there wasn't anything in there that wasn't real and from the heart. I felt it was something I had to do. Even when I was writing it though, I knew I was putting myself in a vulnerable position. Today and yesterday that vulnerability started to kick in. Good thing I've got OA.

Yesterday I went to TWO three-hour IT classes...because I had fallen behind the others in Spreadsheets and needed to catch up. That was because of Women Like Us. Nearly six hours of Spreadsheets in one day! Bloody hell!

Jasper did call me in the end on Sunday but he wasn't in a good way as he had managed to lose £40 of his birthday money at the cinema! So I just said well leave it and we'll catch up next weekend when I see you. Told him not to worry too much about the money. He does need to learn to be responsible. Apart from that he had a good weekend...spent most of it with his friend Albie. He's already uploaded some tracks onto his new Ipod. We're going to go to Audley End for our contact...it's a stately home.

So yeah, I had a bad day, but better a bad day than getting sectioned in the bin! (Locked up in the asylum for non-Brits...) Bad days are normal, anyway. Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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