Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Christmas dear readers...

Ooh, get me, the spirit of seasonal goodwill is alive and well! I haven't even had a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past! Had a great day. Went to work...actually starting to enjoy that, in a humdrum way, now that I am feeling more competent and confident in what I'm doing. I was scared stiff of answering the phone there at first, but I answered it loads of times today and it might be just what I need to get me over my little phone phobia. I had to make calls too, and really it's like anything else. Practice makes perfect.

After work went and bought Jasper the digital camera he asked for. Then I went for some dinner at the Hare Krishna veggie restaurant in Oxford Street, then to my Dual Recovery Anonymous meeting, which was fantastic. After the meeting a couple of my friends from there and I went for a drink in Selfridge's cafe on the top floor.

I'm meeting Richard tomorrow lunchtime in a cafe. I have a good feeling about it. On Saturday I will be off on my retreat, so it's the last chance I've got to see him. Admittedly my emotions have been so all over the shop of late that I hardly know if I can trust them. Somehow you know though, I trust my emotions more deeply than just about anything else I have.

Full of love and kindly Buddhist awareness for the whole universe, a slightly blissed-out Zoe.

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Anonymous said...

I love hare krishna food and haven't had it since I lived in Berkeley, CA years ago where they have a temple. They had a big feast every sunday for donation only. I was a student and usually gave $2 dollars for a scrumptious meal.

Happy holidays to you too!