Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

Yeah actually I had a great day! Higher Power came up trumps! Went to yoga class which I REALLY enjoyed, was just in the mood. A friend remarked on how I'd lost weight which was lovely. And my teacher is really pleased with me and my new fitness levels! We do this spinal twist where you have to catch hold of your own hand behind your back and I never could do it (too fat!) , now I can! Way to go, Zo. Bet you she will get me doing the head stand next! I can't chicken out of it forever!

Then I had to go up to Learn Direct for my test in 'Basic concepts of IT'. It was a lot easier than the last one and I got 89%! (Pass mark is 75%). The next section seems to be covering a lot of familiar ground...duh, how do you turn a computer on!...but actually, that's no bad thing, as I've had to take in a lot of new information lately. And my brain probably doesn't have terabytes of capacity...gigabytes, maybe.

Then I was so fired up and in the mood that I wanted to go straight down to the gym. Note that it is now six o'clock and I've had nothing since my bowl of millet porridge with seeds and berries in the morning. Yet to be honest I am OK, not over-hungry. Didn't feel like cooking (bit too hyper) so went to my fave veggie Indian and had brown rice with spinach and mushrooms. It was such a beautiful, frosty day.

Did I tell you that I'm going on a Buddhist retreat for Christmas? Just five days from 22nd Dec. Christmas ain't too much of my thing. But even old Scrooge here isn't totally immune to the blandishments of the Season of Goodwill. I just feel sorry for the turkeys...I don't intend buying any presents (stuff it!) except for my son, which is kind of obligatory and will only send cards to people I really really like!

I'm a happy bunny again...not too happy, that's what is best of all...Take care all, love Zoe.

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