Sunday, December 9, 2007

Strange weekend...

When I got back from an afternoon's training on 'V-Base' in Old Street I felt pretty spaced out. Then the fatigue kicked in. I was very hyper, listening to a lot of music (bad sign!), couldn't get to sleep for ages, then finally slept for a few hours. Next day felt totally done in and have spent most of the weekend in bed, trying to catch up on some rest. I feel a little bit menopausal...and very horny. Strange combination. Thank God there wasn't much I really had to MATCH post. Gave everything a gym, no OA, no yoga or meditation.

On Friday I was moved to write Richard a letter, for the first time, so I went with it. I couldn't be more surprised by what I wrote. I sent it off before I could change my mind!

On Wednesday I have my next test for the ECDL. On Friday I've got an induction at MIND. Jasper did call yesterday but I missed the call. Maybe he'll call this evening. It's been weirdly silent in the house. I'm making beetroot and coconut soup again. Thought I'd better check in anyway...Love, Zoe.

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polarpaul said...

I hope you don't regret sending the letter at some point. In any case, a letter doesn't obligate you to anything.

Sounds like you might need to focus on getting some good quality sleep so you can get on track again.