Friday, December 14, 2007

Moody peeps rool!

I'm being silly...but it's because I'm happy. Two nice things happened. Richard emailed me to thank me for my letter, and my boy's foster mum called to fix contact arrangements tomorrow. We had a chat and apparently J has settled down a lot at the school...he's started to really enjoy it and make friends in the last few weeks! God, is that good news? I hardly dared think about it or hope, but I was trying to magnetise good stuff for him by means of the Law of Attraction (I know, I'm mental, but what do you expect?) and I've been putting him in my prayers as well. He broke up for the holidays today, and went out on the town with a big group of boys AND girls. Way to go, Jasper!

My Mum is due to arrive any moment now. She's staying the weekend and we're going to contact together tomorrow.

Apart from that I had another splendid there's a nice old-fashioned word! Did some Learn Direct, then had my induction at MIND with the very nice admin lady there. Then had to shop for food etc, then to the cafe to see my two friends. Again I got on well with them and enjoyed the meeting. I guess it is me who has changed...My friend has bought a tree and all, because she's hosting a family gathering on Boxing Day, so she's invited us round to hers next week to see it all.

Take care my dears! Love, peace and happiness...Zoe.

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polarpaul said...

It sounds like you've been recovering well from your up and down mood shifts. That's always a good sign of the strength of your overall health.

Good for Richard and you that he responded positively to your email.

Sounds like you're primed to have a good time with Jasper and your mom tomorrow.

His iPod reminds me, I've figured out how to do podcasts so they can be download into iTunes and then synced with the iPod. I've done one for a poem of mine. Are they going to teach you these sorts of things in your IT class?