Friday, August 10, 2007

Bit tired today...

I think the poor people's vet yesterday wore me out a bit. I am looking forward to our little mini-break tomorrow. The weather forecast is pretty good too. At last we're getting a bit of a summer.

I have now acquired 'Optimum Nutrition for the Mind' by Patrick Holford which someone mentioned on the website 'Alternative Mental Health', in one of the testimonials on recovery from bipolar. He actually trained as a psychologist and became a nutritionist almost by chance... He founded the 'Institute of Optimum Nutrition' which is in Richmond, London. I thought ooh, I will go there instead of doing the MA but actually it's not so simple...for one thing it's even more expensive than the MA and secondly you need chemistry and biology A levels or their equivalent. Which makes me think the science in it might be more than I can take.

There's a season of documentaries, plays, series and other programmes on India on the BBC at the moment. Not sure what it is commemorating...oh I guess it's 60 years since Independence? but it's really good. There's a lovely series about the Ganges, beautiful photography...I spent two years in India when I was in my late 20's. Unfortunately it was there I had my first breakdown. Of which, probably, more later.

I will need to fill you in on my background. In case anyone thinks I'm one of those rather annoying people who has one episode of depression and then dines out for the rest of their lives on it I will just assure you that my psychiatric CV is pretty impressive by any standards. 23 least 18 of them on a section (enforced).

Take care everyone...back on Tuesday! Love, Zoe.

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