Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Energy levels good... good in fact that I did a yoga class as well as the gym today plus a 40 minute walk. I feel so much better. When I wake in the morning I feel alive. How long since I could say that? Excited at the prospect of another day! No grogginess from the Seroquel. Nor do I need to rush for the caffeine. I am off all coffee and tea...I drink various forms of barleycup, rooboish and herbal tea. It makes it easier to get the requisite amount of fluid into the body in a day...because coffee etc is diuretic. Also I have a feeling that my coffee addiction was making it harder for me to lose weight.

Yesterday I ate very lightly because what I ate seemed to just keep me going, without craving. This is what the Holford Diet promises. It does seem to be working.

A bit worried about the cat. She hasn't touched her food today and doesn't seem herself. I guess it's the bad tooth that's troubling her...I'm a little apprehensive about the trip to the poor people's vet. But I have been researching pet insurance and it is impossibly expensive. It would be so much nicer if we could just go to the lovely vet down the bus trips with cat-in-a-basket and long waits at the RSPCA. I don't want to traumatise the poor girl...

Richard and I are going to an ecumenical retreat centre (which welcomes all) in Bradwell-on Sea, Essex, on Saturday. Looking forward to it. Just for three days. We have booked a twin room and we get full board for only £19 a day (unwaged)...seems like a bargain. Everyone chips in and does the chores. I have friends who have been and liked it so if it's good I will go back.

I bought a pill-cutter today so I can dissect my tablets. Still on 500mg Sodium Valproate and will remain so for a few more days, then start shaving a bit off! Doesn't seem very scientific but will have to do.

OK my dears. Better send before the 'puter packs up...Love and healing, Zoe.


polarpaul said...

I hope your new treatment plan goes well for you. The supplements might not be psychiatric medications, but they can still effect/affect you so it's important that you're able to carefully monitor the impact they're having on you.

As for the groups you attend, if you're in a group where you feel you can't share because you believe/feel other people's problems are more severe than your own, you're probably better off continuing to look for a group where you feel comfortable sharing your experiences as well as hearing those of others.

I'm not a very spiritual person at all, so I wouldn't offer any advice other than to say I wouldn't minimize your experiences or compare yourself to others too much as we all have our burdens to bear and it can be difficult to truly understand how it is to walk in someone else's shoes and vice versa.

Zoe said...

Yes you are right Paul. My yoga teacher got ill last week from an allergy she had to an ingredient in a health supplement. But I am carefully monitoring myself...that's partly the purpose of this blog. Nice to see you here by the way!