Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling better...

The leg cramps are definitely better today. Physically there is only really the overwhelming fatigue. Mentally I feel quite upbeat...I feel sure my body and mind are responding well to my very careful diet and well-researched supplements. It is as well that I am independent and self-contained. I can handle a lot of my own company. I like to be quiet on my own. This over the years has forced me to build up a lot of inner resources. However that all said I am extremely grateful for a few things: the internet and the websites on psychiatric drug withdrawal and surviving psychiatry which are of huge interest to me at the moment. I am also using the net to research and order nutritional well as Patrick Holford's book, the GL diet.

The other things I am grateful for are Overeaters Anonymous and Dual Recovery Anonymous. They have provided further vital signposts down the road to wellness and wholeness. My house and garden which is utterly idyllic: in some amazing twist of fate I was supplied this place by social housing, yet it is my little piece of heaven, my retreat, my haven. Lastly I am so grateful for my partner of eight years, Richard. A link to his website is on the left, though it has nothing about psychiatric drug withdrawal on it! Some people are just desperate for publicity!

But my 'puter provides the much-needed fly in the ointment. It has a mind of its own. And I am no tecchie. Richard has saved my life, OK not literally, but figuratively...on numerous occasions. Once I only met a Uni deadline because of his last-minute mercy dash to save me from myself. I would like a 'puter that doesn't disconnect as and when it pleases. It's my connection, my service provider, or is it that we don't have genuine microsoft thingy.

Enough griping though. I need to send this now in case it does the dirty on me again like yesterday!!! Love to all survivors and determined warriors...we will get there.

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