Thursday, August 9, 2007

Have I EVER felt as well as this?

To be honest I thought 'optimum health' was something only others were entitled to. Hard though I tried, and God knows I tried, I couldn't see myself ever achieving fitness, vitality, a healthy weight and boundless energy together with a stable mood and an optimistic attitude. You know what? I might have to think again.

I'm only at the beginning and am still quite a way from a healthy weight or good fitness but I swear since I started on the Holford Diet and began shovelling down the supplements (no don't worry Paul I do research it first!) I feel at the top of my game. I feel so light. I am completely free of food or caffeine cravings. I can go five or six hours with little or nothing to eat and my blood sugar stays stable. My appetite is under control!!! Aaaah, Eureka!

And last week's withdrawal roadshow is as if it had never been!

Today I took my poor suffering feline Amber to the poor people's vet. Aargh! We had to wait in line for three hours!!! I kid you not. The place was full of dogs! And of course the vet could not take her tooth out on the spot...we had to get booked in for 'a dental'...she needs plaque scraping off her teeth and heaven knows what. She had her first of two vaccinations...and I was given some antibiotics to start her on in a week's time, for the teeth. Poor baby.

But a situation which might in former times have had me climbing the walls was bearable...I made the best of it. Irritability levels were low despite some moderately annoying people. I sat quietly and read when I wasn't observing the scene. It sure was an experience...not unlike the dole office with animals or, indeed, Accident and Emergency at an NHS hospital. With animals.

The whole world looks so different to me. But there is one difficulty. I have friends that are not moving so fast. Am I the only one who has to let friends go sometimes? In fact, probably more times than I care to count? There you see...that's a true life confession. It sounds bad doesn't it? Loyalty is prized where friendship is concerned...does that mean staying with friends long after you have ceased to have much in common?

Lots of love and healing...Zoe.

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