Thursday, August 2, 2007


Oh hot damn, my 'puter disconnected taking with it a substantial chunk of text, hard-wrung from my fevered, withdrawing brain. Blast! Bipolar blast! But you don't want to know about these mundanities...what you want from me is original psychological or philosophical insight! Right? Nope? Oh.

Well I did tell you in detail about my less-than-inspired day, pottering feebly about the house until I could stand it no more and went out to potter feebly down the road. Met an old uni chum and was a bit embarrassed...because I'm not really that well and am having trouble holding up my end of a conversation. Because I feel self-conscious and wonder what she is thinking...

It rained and I slumped against the bus windows, my spine seeming to collapse under the weight of what it is carrying...I need to lose 40lb and it doesn't want to go quietly.

Perfect end of a less than perfect day...'puter up to its usual tricks. But at least I've checked in. Love and healing vibes go out to recovering loons everywhere...

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