Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fine and dandy.

Last two days have been quite full and productive. Went for an interview at the local voluntary bureau yesterday afternoon...to actually work there (as a volunteer). I start next week! Which is good because I'm getting fed up with waiting for the other job to chase up references. I've agreed to work two days a week at this one, so that I will still have time for the other one when it finally materialises. Although a little worried at how I will fit my IT studies and exercise at the gym around four days a week of work! The nice thing about the volunteer bureau is they're not too strait-laced...it will probably be all right if I go off early sometimes.

Also did my first assessment for the CLAIT qualification. It really was pretty easy...Now I've started on spreadsheets. YAWN! Am learning more at Learn Direct because I can go more at my own pace. Went there today and started the new module. Went to the gym first and worked out hard...beat my own record! My energy levels are really good these days, but sometimes I have to catch up on some extra rest, like yesterday when I went to bed at about eight and slept practically around the clock! Well, my muscles must be using a fair bit of energy, building themselves.

Did my MATCH work earlier. Got to go to OA now. Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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