Monday, November 26, 2007

Such a good day!

In the morning I attended a workshop of an organisation called 'Women Like Us' which helps women returners get back to work. It was shit-hot! There was a big group of us and wow, I did actually feel (by the end of it) that these were indeed, women like me! At the beginning I was a little daunted because I worry that I will be asked questions about my child but nothing like that happened really talked about their kids. We were far too busy talking about ourselves and our desires to get back into the workplace. It was really confidence-building, for me. By the end of it I was, sort of ' I don't hope to get a job, I am going to get a job!' And it lasted all day.

I'm trying to put into practice the advice given by Lynn Grabhorn in her self-help book 'Excuse me, your life is waiting'. Think about your wants not with a sad sense of lack, but with joyful feelings...visualise yourself enjoying whatever it is. That way (she reckons) we magnetise our desires. Focusing on 'don't wants' has the same effect...dwell on your fears and they have a nasty way of coming true! Well I'm keeping an open's worth a try! Apparently it's the Law of Attraction at work.

After coming from the workshop I went straight to Learn Direct to my ECDL. Very motivated, you see! Lunch is for wimps! I've been skipping it lately and going straight to dinner...saves calories I guess. Then I shopped for cat food. One of my MATCH letters has not arrived to the membership secretary which is worrying me slightly...In future I am going to make a record of people's addresses. There are three membership forms in that letter!

Start new job tomorrow. Also have to buy son's birthday present from COMET.

Note to self...hardly anyone is reading this blog! I need to work on publicity. And getting people to link to me. Take care all, Zoe.

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