Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yeah, cause I heard from my boy and he was chatty and full of it. He'd been to see his fave footie team play, yesterday at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal v Wigan. He gave me a blow-by blow account of the players he saw and what they did...turns out that his foster mum's brother in law is a physio or paramedic or some such...treats the fallen players on the field, so as a result of that they had privileged seats and J got a player's autograph and practically sat next to the subs bench...Wow! It was a real tonic to hear him so bubbly and chatty. He sounded so much more confident.

Also he did me a great favour by finally deciding what he wanted for his birthday. A Version 2 Ipod shuffle...apparently it is only 50 quid, and you can download 250 songs onto it. I have strict instructions to get the light blue one, from Comet. That's a's only two weeks till his birthday. He is going to call me on the day.

Been very busy with MATCH post, OA meetings, the my fruit and veg at the farmer's market today. Am anticipating an even busier week, as I start the new voluntary job on Tuesday, and have a Women Like Us workshop tomorrow morning.

Woke up very early this morning, quite a lot playing on my mind. When it came to my turn to share at OA though I was really lost for words. Just couldn't think what to say so in the end I just wound it up quickly. Sometimes I almost seem to forget how to talk...I do spend a lot of time alone, but I like it that way I guess. Still it would be nice to have a special person in my life. After the meeting got the bus with a friend from my regular meeting. I really like her.

Bought some beautiful yellow lilies for my shrine...nice to have some fresh flowers. How many weeks since I stopped all meds? About four? I know I've lost a BIT of weight because a pair of trousers is no longer uncomfortable, although I still could lose some more! My performance index at the gym has risen to 16 four times in a row, so obviously my fitness levels are building. That's got to be the key to losing these extra pounds, although of course muscle does weigh more than fat!

Went to favourite Japanese clothes shop Uniqlo yesterday and bought a beautiful silver padded coat and a purple merino wool cardi. I don't know how they do such amazing quality goods for such low prices, I really don't.

Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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