Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a quick one.

Another beautiful (though short) late autumn day, very cold though. I was up with the lark, needing to get to my test at Learn Direct at nine. It was really hard! Quite a few questions that didn't cover familiar territory at all, or so it seemed to me. But miraculously, I passed with 81%...the pass mark is 75%. That was a relief...I didn't relish the idea of going back over that stuff again...or possibly having to pay to do a retake! The first one is free.

I've got an assessment at my other IT class on Monday too. That will probably be's word processing and file management, which I'm OK at.

After that I went to the gym. Then I had to meet a friend who had asked me to help her draft a couple of letters. Then I came home and heated up some leftovers for lunch. Have done a wash and made a few phone calls. It's just been all go! Now I am going to meet my friends in the cafe. After that I'm planning to go and see the new film 'Brick Lane', based on a novel I really liked, although apparently the actual inhabitants of Brick Lane are not that happy about it. Controversial, shall we say.

Send up a quick prayer for Jasper. His social worker (the new one, a chap) is going to see him and take him out today. They got on well before...I hope (pray) that J will be cooperative and not clam up. He really does need all the help he can get.

Take care all! Love, Zoe.

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